Playing with Electricity is No Game

Did you ever play a game with your friends as a kid, where you put 9V battery on your tongue just to experience the tingling shock? You will see that playing with electricity is no game when you imagine that amplified tenfold plus, which would still be less than the shock received from the current […]

Signs That You May Want to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Our Licensed¬†Electrician Explains Why It Is a Must to Upgrade Old Electrical Panels Electrical safety should be one of the biggest concerns for homeowners. Unfortunately, people still don’t pay as much attention to home electrical safety as they should. As a result, more than 400,000 home fires occur yearly in the States due to some […]

Outdoor Electrical Safety 101

Tips to Help You Stay Safe and Avoid Outdoor Electrical Repairs Today, our electrical service¬†team would like to throw some more light on outdoor electrical problems and their solutions. So if you want to stay safe while handling outdoor lighting, appliances and wiring, we recommend you to follow the next few safety instructions: You can […]

5 reasons why grounding electrical currents is a must

Electricity is providing countless benefits to people, but still remains on of the most deadly elements in human society. Over the years, humans have learned the importance of grounding electrical currents, in order to preserve their health. The following is a look at some of the reasons why you should hire an electrical service to […]

What they do all electricians?

Professional and licensed electricians are liable for installing, repairing and maintaining the electrical systems that we rely on appliances, to power our lights and other devices every day. They perform many different types of jobs in both house and commercial settings that help to keep our electrical devices working as effectively as possible.