Outdoor Electrical Safety 101

Tips to Help You Stay Safe and Avoid Outdoor Electrical Repairs

Today, our electrical service team would like to throw some more light on outdoor electrical problems and their solutions. So if you want to stay safe while handling outdoor lighting, appliances and wiring, we recommend you to follow the next few safety instructions:

  • You can most probably see a metal box in your lawn or garden. Make sure that your kids or pets do not play around it, so they do not damage your outdoor power lines or hurt themselves.

  • If you are planning to repair your fence or replace it with a new one, you’d better not dig any holes without the supervision or an upfront inspection of a contractor dealing with electrical repairs. In 90% of the cases power lines are buried underground.

  • If it happens that you have to climb up a ladder or use heavy-duty tools like tree trimming equipment and chainsaws, we highly recommend you to look out for power lines. You may have not noticed them, but you will be surprised how many they actually are. The same rule applies for the situations when you clean the exterior of your windows or roof.

  • If there is a storm and you are afraid about your electrical system, do not touch any power lines or objects/constructions near them, leave this to professionals instead. Call a licensed and skillful electrician when you need quality electrical service; otherwise, you will put your own health at hazard. BAMS Electrical Services LLC has enough emergency teams that serve the entire area of Mesa, AZ, so whenever you need help from someone who can really do high-quality work, you should not hesitate calling our office at (602) 332-7262! Besides storm inspections, we do emergency electrical repairs and annual electrical system inspections. To book any of these services, you can dial the same number that we already mentioned! We are looking forward to making your garden, back yard, and home a safer place!