Playing with Electricity is No Game

Did you ever play a game with your friends as a kid, where you put 9V battery on your tongue just to experience the tingling shock?

You will see that playing with electricity is no game when you imagine that amplified tenfold plus, which would still be less than the shock received from the current of 120 household electrical volts. If you have an appliance doesn’t work or flickering lights or trips the circuit when another appliance is used, it may be time to contact BAMS Electrical Services LLC, a professional licensed electrical contractor in Mesa AZ, who is skilled and equipped in all facets of electrical service to make sure all your wiring is aligned with local building codes and deemed safe.

City made by electrical cabel

There are numerous house and garage areas that can be a source for trouble and danger which may require electrical service by a qualified and competent electrician to keep your family safe from the harm of fire or electrocution. It’s a fact that the majority of household fires are caused by wrong wiring or overloaded outlets calling for more amperage than the network can deliver. And if you have old-fashioned fuse box and you need your wiring to be updated, you should definitely call an experienced electrical contractor.

Updating your appliances not only will protect your house and your family or business property, but older circuit panels and breakers are also less efficient. Essentially, voltage is a measure of force pushing that amperage; amperage is the amount of electrons flowing through a circuit. Older circuits pull more load from the utility’s supply source than is necessary to energize most modern appliances, so you’re essentially paying for useless electricity. To a qualified electrician rewiring your entire electrical network throughout your home or business building is an easy enough and affordable preventative solution.

Consulting with a licensed electrician is a great place to start when we want to reduce our energy consumption. They can help with installation of new appliances and recommend the most effective solutions, as well as offering emergency service 24 hours a day. If you notice any suspicious happening with your house’s wiring, don’t ignore it, but search for a professional. Practice has shown that it won’t magically go away—it will continue to disturbance and worsen to the point of possible danger and complete failure to the point of fatality. Playing with electricity is no game.